How to Be Loved by Anyone

1 Love yourself first. If you are not loving yourself, don’t wait for the people to love you. If you are lovable, it is easy for the people to get into you. And if you are not, people will afraid to get into you.

2 Love others. Love everyone; they might be young, kids, adults or societies in general. Show them some love and they will love you. Bear in mind that not all people will love you, but through your example they will love you one day.

3 Don’t show that you know everything. Talk little and listen to what others are saying. Sometimes you can make ideas of what to say just by listening.

4 Show some respect. Respect everyone who surround you and they will respect you. Don’t forget to respect yourself!

5 Help others. People must know that you are there. Show them that you can be counted on. Let people count on you if you can do something for them.

6 Watch your words. Sometimes people talk about something which could hurt others. So, we must know how to control our words. Every words have got the right place.

7 Don’t show your weakness. Sometimes people will hate you just because of your weakness. Be strong for everything you are doing. Know that one day your weakness will disappear.

8 Try to smile. Smile is the best action; it is a good welcome to people. Smile welcomes friends and makes you approachable. Try to be happy even when there are obstacles to pass.


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